Montanhês Portugal


WWe are a company focused on clients needs and on the future, always looking for innovation in products and new solutions to promoting them. We guide our activities both on domestic and export markets, from wholesale to retail.

In Portugal we work with over 150 local and regional distributors, across the entire country from north to south, including the islands. In addition to the extensive network of distributors, we have a highly professional and motivated sales team, with a deep knowledge of the market and whose aim is to provide the best service to our customers. Our support is also important regarding national distribution and logistics.

We have strong business cooperation with all the major commercial agents in Portugal, hypermarket and supermarket chains, distributors and cash & carry, an image of accuracy, reliability and dedication to all our clients with a high quality service.

Besides the domestic market, we have a strong export activity to African markets (Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, etc.) and many other countries, where we have a significant influence.

With direct presence through our branch in Cape Verde, we continue the strategy of winning new export markets and consolidation of existing ones. In Cape Verde the new structure aims to strengthen its presence and brand recognition, with an image of security, reliability and dedication to providing our customers with quality service in the distribution of food products.


Telf.: +351 229 412 777
Fax.: +351 229 484 959